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Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian:

is a Future Ready Teacher Librarian & Ed Tech Leader. She's also a blogger, a Tweeter, an International Keynote EdTech & Librarian speaker, a trope and meme archivist, creator of content, a citizen of advocacy, and a resident of social media. Gwyneth is a Google Certified Innovator, a PBS / MPT American Graduate Champion of Change, and the author of the award winning The Daring Librarian blog. In recognition of being a change agent in her field, Ms. Jones and her amazing students have appeared on the NPR Bob Edwards Weekend show for a series called Shhh….Libraries at Work and was named an Innovator and one of 50 international Movers & Shakers 2011 ... by Library Journal Magazine She's also been named a Gale/Cengage New Leader, and the Best of the Best and a Visionary Leader by Teacher Librarian Magazine.

As a leader of Education Technology, Ms. Jones was honored to have been elected twice to the ISTE Board of Directors representing all PK-12 educators and school librarians. Her work & writings have been featured in the New York Times, NEA Today Magazine, Information Today Magazine, The Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. Admittedly, she’s also a goofball, a geek, and ridiculously humble.

Third person aside:
My CV is here and here's an interview by Middleweb called: A Daring Middle Grades Librarian I gotta admit, Middle school is my JAM!

Internet email: gwynethanne @ gmail (dot) com (preferred)

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Gwyneth Jones - Library Media Center
Murray Hill Middle School
9989 Winter Sun Road
Laurel, Maryland 20723
School Phone: 410-880-5897

Featured and interviewed on NPR - Bob Edwards Weekend

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How You Doin?

I love hearing from my PLN & visiting different cities, states, & countries spreading the Daring Librarian ed tech transliteracy and transparency revolution message! Even though I am a Teacher-Librarian, I do believe my (sometimes irreverent, humorous, & approachable) message goes beyond the library and school walls and is applicable for all subject areas and levels of education and ed tech. As a former member of the ISTEBoard of Directors, I proudly represent ALL PK-12 educators! PRESS BIO Below.

International Speaker:

It has been my honor & privilege to be invited to be a keynote and featured speaker at several International and US state Technology & Library conferences including: Opening keynote for ATLE -Convergence, Calgary Canada, QSLIN Library Symposium Keynote for the Ministry of Education - Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Keynhote - California Teacher's Association Summer Institute at UCLA, Opening Keynote, METC15, SCASL15, Featured Speaker at FETC 2017 - Orlando, CUE14 - Palm Springs, California, LibraryLinkNJ, , AASL13, MACUL, AISL, MASL, CASL, NCSLMA, MSET, METC, WEMTAand was invited by Syba Signs of Australia to go on a three city speaking tour with Dr. Joyce Valenza to the cities of Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth! (I know, pinch me - right?)

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