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Keynote Presentation - Winston-Salem Convention Center
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Dump Your Pumpkin Sweater Peeps it's 2011: The year to be FIERCE

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//Easy Animation for Dynamite Disposition & Program Promotion//
Engaging your learners creating dynamite disposition and promoting your school programs has never been easier! Using quick, free, and easy animation studios, teachers, librarians, and technology educators can create engaging animations to market their special programs, units of study, and special events to students and the community. Combining easy animation with a wiki, website, or a blog your message will captivate your audience and reach beyond the walls of your school. Presentation Resources: http://thedaringlibrarianpresents.wikispaces. com/

//Creating// A //Comic// Life | The Daring //Librarian//

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The Daring Librarian
//QR Codes in the Classroom//
QR Codes are popping up everywhere! On the back of my Sephora catalog, windows of bagel shops, and in my school and library! All about QR codes - what they are, how to make them, and how to use them in your school and classroom for engaging & exciting digital discoveries!

Gwyneth Jones
The Daring Librarian

//How to be a Presentation Ninja//
Powerpoint doesn’t kill people - Poorly used Powerpoint kills people! We’ve all sat through that boring conference session, after school meeting, or keynote speech. The slide is illuminated in front of us - 19 year old clip art, a garish colour scheme, whizzing text and abusive sounds, and line after line of text that the speaker reads - your head hurts, your eyes close, you slump down in your chair and Ppppht! Dead. This session will go through the easy steps of how to liven up any presentation by dumping the templates, embracing Creative Commons, and limiting the number of words per slide to create a truly engaging presentation slidedeck. Zing! Now your presentation makes people lean forward, become engaged, and are eager for your message. Presentation Resources: http://thedaringlibrarianpresents. wikispaces.com

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