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Mobile Media in the Classroom:
Diving into Digital Discoveries
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While QR Codes are still a vibrant way to communicate with your kids, parents, and your community - new mobile apps have exploded with ways to instantly engage, create, and interact with students as they dive into fun digital discoveries! Whether you're a 1:1, BYOD, or tech limited school - you can implement QR Codes, Kahoots, IoT, Instagrams, Boomerang, and interactive apps in the classroom with just one device, iPad, laptop, or smart phone. This multimedia presentation will feature meme’s, Jimmy Fallon, a singing Stephen Colbert, MYST3000, Godzilla, maybe some games, and lots of examples of how to easily implement a fun mobile strategy for your Library Ed Tech teaching practice.

Session graphic in many sizes

Meme Background

What's all this fuss about QR or 2D bar codes? Sheeesh....Where do I start!? Oh, I know! With Internet Memes, Stephen Colbert, & Jimmy Fallon! That's logical, of course! Truthiness & QR Codes go together! How I became inspired by Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Colbert back in 2011 - the Donor's Choose Challenge!

Rebecca Black

Oh and Rebecca Black, too! Of course you've seen this video, right?

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, & Donor's Choose

Then you gotta see this! For Meme's & Truthiness! -- Stay to the VERY end & spot the hidden QR CODE!

QR Code Easter Egg

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Jimmy Fallon Bonus Video

QR Code Graphics-- View All of them (Scroll down past the QR singles)

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10 Things to do with QR Codes On Back to School Night

Like that graphic? Here's another one!
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QR Code At a Glance

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QR Code Monkey - Makes IT Nice!

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12 Insta Easy Instagram Library & Literacy Promotion Ideas

5 Apps That Make Creating & Sharing Instagram Videos Fun (and Easy!)

Example of A Instagram Embedded Video

#MHTVNews Rocking it every day. @hcpss_mhms #CelebrateHcpss

A video posted by Gwyneth Jones (@thedaringlibrarian) on Oct 30, 2016 at 9:46am PDT

10 Editing Tips for Making Killer Instagram Videos | Photojojo

Pro-Tips for Shooting Better Instagram Videos

8 Ways To Create Unforgettable Instagram Videos - MakeUseOf

Instagram Video Editing Apps - YouTube

Example of A Flipagram Embedded Video

Raise Your Flipagram Game: Best Practices & Pro Tips - The Daily Rind

How to Use this Flipping App: Flipagram Tips

Flipagram Reviews

Flipagram App Review - Common Sense Media

Flipagram review: make interesting video slideshows out of Instagram


The Daring Librarian: Got Bitmoji?

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Like Bitmoji? There's a Chrome Extension for That!

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Got Gabsee? 3D Augmented Reality Avatar

MHMS Pocket Guide to Digital Devices & Cell Phone Use in School - BYOD

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BYOD - MHMS Edublog Mobile & Digital Device Post 2015

Story in 140 -Twitter Style!

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Vine Video Book Trailers

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Get Kahoot!

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Kahoot Media Orientation

Teacher link for Kahoot Library Media Orientation Game or click below
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Teachers & Librarians! Want to learn more about Kahoot?
Search the public Kahoots list

Here's a Harry Potter Example Kahoot to give it a try!

Pokemon Go & Libraries

Pokémon GO: What Do Librarians Need To Know? | School Library Journal ...
Based on the 1990's Pokémon video games and built using technology similar to a game called Ingress, Pokémon GO uses virtual reality ...
Why Pokemon Go and The Library is a perfect partnership - ALSC Blog
Does your library have lots of kids and families playing Pokemon Go? Here are some ideas to use this augmented reality game to bring people ...

Pokemon Go, Libraries, and Media Mentorship - ALSC Blog

Pokemon Go popularity is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime ... Many libraries are taking the opportunity to use Pokemon Go as a ...

Pokémon Go: Strike While the Iron Is Hot! » Public Libraries Online

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Don't Go There: Are Libraries Appropriate Places to Catch Pokémon ...

GO brings patrons in: the other offerings of the library inspire them to ... [1] Rob Thubron, “Criminals use Pokémon Go to lure victims and rob ...

County libraries use Pokemon Go to attract patrons - Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore SunThe
Baltimore County Public Library hosted a Ready, Set Pokemon GO Crawl at all 19 locations to attract new customers, and remind people ...

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Blog postings about QR Codes:
Sqworl Collection of QR code Links

QR Code Lesson Wikipage

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QR Code Comic Tutorials

- Creative Commons! Take, Use, & Share!
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And for the QR Code Haters? Will NFC Replace QR? Here's the Buzz!

Google Ditches Barcodes for NFC

Gizmodo Got It Wrong, QR Codes Are Just Getting Started!

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