QSLiN Library Symposium 2016 - Montreal, Canada

2016 Library Symposium Session Information – Wednesday April 13th

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Session 1; 8:30-10:00

Choose to be a Library and Ed Tech Trooper

with Gwyneth A. Jones
Our world is not changing back. In the vortex of today’s onslaught of technical innovation, it’s time to take action! As EdTech Troopers, we are challenged to choose to connect, collaborate, create, construct, make, flip, share, advocate and empower to move forward into the universe of rigorous instruction. This session will make sense of the sensational and decode the Babel of buzzwords. Choosing to be an EdTech Trooper and a change agent within education isn’t easy – but it’s very rewarding for teachers and students! Doing the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, is optional.

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Session 3; 11:25-12:25

Mobile Media in the Classroom

with Gwyneth A. Jones

While QR Codes are still a vibrant way to communicate with your kids, parents, & community – mobile apps have exploded with ways to have amazing digital discoveries in the classroom or School Library!
Whether you’re a 1:1, BYOD, or tech limited school – you can implement QR Codes, Kahoots, Plickers, Vines, Instagrams, and interactive apps in the classroom with just one iPod, iPad, laptop, or smart phone. Clever ways to instantly engage, create, and interact with students as they dive into fun digital discoveries!

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Session 5; 2:35-3:35

Tweet Like a Ninja: Education Edition

with Gwyneth A. Jones
Twitter is one of the most significant, rich, and profound professional development tools out there (& it’s FREE!) but mastering it takes some slick Sensei moves. Whether you’re a Twitter newbie, lurker, contrarian, or champion – this session will be chock full of easy tips and tricks to learn, connect, and share with your community and educators around the world. From choosing the right user name, creating a profile that packs a punch, graphic designs that grab, to how to build a powerful global personal learning network – you can master the art of the Tweet!

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