Secrets of the Remix Mash-up Generation
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Know your Memes, tropes, and teach it YouTube style! Being culturally literate and hip to the Interwebs keeps us relevant and inspires instant student engagement. Teaching our kids about intellectual property shifts, content curation, and Creative Commons while still embracing the digital remix YouTube generation is part of a critical new toolbox for creative student (and teacher!) expression.

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Webinar Wrap Up: Secrets of the Remix Mash-Up YouTube Generation

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Kirby Furgeson - Everything is a Remix TED Talk.

Imma B - Black Eyed Peas (Warning: NSFSchool lyrics)

John Early Middle School Version - Re-posted with permission

Urbana HS Lip Dub

BBC Horrible Histories on YouTube

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Because it's an easy way to video, stop action animation, promote books, reading, kiddos, & connect where they already are!
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The Daring Librarian: Vine Video Book Trailers

and the wikipage
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Got Bitmoji?

MentorMob & the //Secrets of the Remix// Mash-Up YouTube Generation

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