Welcome to the Workshop Factory!

Your challenge is to complete 3 of the following tasks!
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Image Factory

Learn where to get awesome pics for presentations, blogs, wikis and how to tweak them to even greater heights of awesomeness! - Task on Page

Learn about Creative Commons, PicMonkey, Flickr, and more!

Don't have Photoshop? No worries, you won't need it here and you'll still end up looking like you've stepped up your graphic design game!

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Pick a Palette

Having the right colour scheme for presentations or websites is key!
Go to Colour Lovers and see their MOST LOVED Colour Palette's. One of my favourites is Cheer Up Emo Kid! I even created my own Daring Librarian colour palette - so can you!
Task: Pick a colour palette or create your own!

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Slideshare Rules!

Task: Join Slideshare & upload a PPT - check out the Slideshare Stacking the Decks wiki page for more info!

Avatar Generators & Creators

Task: Create an Avatar & save it as a .jpg or .png to your image folder

Font Lust

Task: Find at least one FREE font to download & use in your presentation

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Flickr Fancy

(or Picasa) Join & upload your avatar .jpg and newly created PicMonkey Image
Shiny Happy //Teachers//: UPDATED: 9 reasons I use //Flickr//

Daring_BlogQRCode_Monkey.pngQR Code Creator

How to Create a //QR Code In 3 Easy// Steps
Add a vCard QR Code to your Thank You & Contact slide (last slide of deck) so that smart phone audience members can add you fast!

Go Transparent!

Have you accomplished most of the above? How about some ideas for establishing or strengthening your brand? Pick one of the 8 that you haven't tried and give it a whirl!
Transparency is the New Black
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