ASTE - Anchorage, Alaska.
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February 17th – 20th

Keynote + two sessions & a workshop for AkASL
I can't wait to revisit Anchorage, I have family there!


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Choose to be Fierce & Future Ready

Opening Keynote:

Saturday Feb 17 - Discovery Ballroom/Exhibit Hall

4:30pm - 5:30pm
Saturday Feb 17 - Discovery Ballroom/Exhibit Hall

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Mobile Media in the Classroom: Diving into Digital Discoveries

1:30pm - 2:30pm Mobile Media in the Classroom
Sunday Feb 18 - Endeavor Room

While QR Codes are still a vibrant way to communicate with your kids, parents, and your community - new mobile apps have exploded with ways to instantly engage, create, and interact with students as they dive into fun digital discoveries! Whether you're a 1:1, BYOD, or tech limited school - you can implement QR Codes, Kahoots, IoT, Instagrams, Boomerang, and interactive apps in the classroom with just one device, iPad, laptop, or smart phone. This multimedia presentation will feature meme’s, Jimmy Fallon, a singing Stephen Colbert, MYST3000, Godzilla, maybe some games, and lots of examples of how to easily implement a fun mobile strategy for your Library Ed Tech teaching practice.
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Tweet Like a Ninja in 6 Easy Steps: Education Edition

4:00pm - 5:00pm Tweet Like a Ninja -- Sunday Feb 18 - Endeavor Room

Twitter is one of the most significant, rich, and profound professional development tools out there (& it's FREE!) but mastering it takes some slick sensei moves. All administrators and educators can benefit from the use of Twitter for creating global connections. Whether you're a Twitter newbie, lurker, or champion, this session will be chock full of easy tips and tricks to learn. You will explore the language of Twitter, see how to set up an account and gain followers. Learn how to connect and share resources with your community and educators around the world. Discover how to participate in real-time online professional development and get updates from educational organizations via Twitter using hashtags, chats and groups. From choosing the right user name, creating a profile that packs a punch, and using graphic designs that grab, to how to build a powerful global personal learning network, you can master the art of the Tweet! BYOD.