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Digital Image Factory

You don't need to be a graphic designer or have Photoshop to create awesome pics for presentations, blogs, newsletters, displays, wikis and webpages! This session will show you super cool tips and tricks using FREE (or cheap) online resources how design and to tweak digital images to even greater heights of awesomeness!

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Digital Image Factory

Digital Image Factory: All Pics from Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian

Practice Task & Goal: Learn where to go to get great images for presentations, wikis, blogs, websites, or social media from a variety of sources. Practice cropping, re-sizing, and tweaking those pics with PicMonkey and making sure you give proper attribution. Create an ongoing folder or libary of awesome digital images.

Image Factory Workshop Task:

  • Search Flickr Creative Commons Share Alike for one image that speaks to you or your PPT message.
  • Using PicMonkey Crop or resize image (if using for PPT) to 1024 X 768
  • While you're there, play with auto adjust, special effects, touch ups, frames, shapes, textures, & text!
  • If you got the image from Flickr Creative Commons be sure to add an Attribution line in the bottom left, right, or side of the photo: "Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Name of Photographer" or if space is at a premium "Flickr CC Photo by Name of Photographer." See how I did it up above? Because of the windows, I incorporated it into the photo under the roof line and it sorta looks like an architectural feature!
  • Save all images as a .jpg - create a folder perhaps called Creative Commons Images
  • SCREENSHOT: Mac - Shift + Command + 3 for whole screen. Shift + Command + 4 for a selected part of the screen.

10 Tips for Digital Photo Editing & Fun

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Resources on my Research Databases MHMS Learning Wikipage

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Copyright Friendly Pics for Students Wikipage (Take, Use, Share!)

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Library of Congress Resources (Take, Use, Share!)

More Resources:

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