Nashville Metro Schools - Summer Institute

Where: Julia Green Elementary School, 3500 Hobbs Rd, Nashville, TN37215
  • Parking: If the parking lot is full in the front, please turn on Wallace Road and park on the side or behind the building.
  • When:August2 & 3
  • Time: 8:00 am- 3:30 pm
  • Social Media: We will be using two hashtags- #mnpslibhack &#mnpslibtech. Please feel free to tag @MNPSLibraries, @MNPSLearningTec and @MetroSchools.

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Choose to be an Library & Ed Tech Trooper

Our world is not changing back. In the tumult of today's technical and pedagogical innovation, it's time to take action! As EdTech Troopers our language has shifted to connect, collaborate, create, construct, make, flip, share, advocate and empower to move forward into the universe of rigorous instruction. This session will make sense of the sensational and decode the Babel of buzzwords. You needn’t choose to adopt and change everything in your tech tool bag - but picking just one or two new things to try, can transform your professional practice. Choosing to be an EdTech Trooper and a change agent within education isn't easy - but it's ultimately rewarding for administrators, teachers, librarians, and students! Doing the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, is optional.

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Mobile Media in the Classroom: Diving into Digital Discoveries

While QR Codes are still a vibrant way to communicate with your kids, parents, and your community - new mobile apps have exploded with ways to instantly engage, create, and interact with students as they dive into fun digital discoveries! Whether you're a 1:1, BYOD, or tech limited school - you can implement QR Codes, Kahoots, IoT, Instagrams, Boomerang, and interactive apps in the classroom with just one device, iPad, laptop, or smart phone. This multimedia presentation will feature meme’s, Jimmy Fallon, a singing Stephen Colbert, MYST3000, Godzilla, maybe some games, and lots of examples of how to easily implement a fun mobile strategy for your Library Ed Tech teaching practice.